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Perfect Place to Escape

Created with sustainability in mind, Song Saa Private Island reflects the beauty of the Cambodian coastline. It’s a place that breathes in time with nature, built from local materials, by local hands, and infused with local art and soul. An evolved tropical getaway with a pristine private beach, spacious wooden villas, heavenly spa sanctuaries and a preserved coral reef, Song Saa Private Island lets you detach from the world and tune into simple luxuries.

Built with reclaimed timber and materials from the mainland, the resort’s design and architecture reiterates our commitment to sustainability. Each villa is a private sanctuary, a refined blend of thatched roofs, linen-draped canopy beds, up-cycled décor and repurposed furniture. Discarded oil drums find new life as lamps. Driftwood serves as a table or bench. Salvaged wood from old fishing boats and factory yards now forms decks and floors and beams.

Our culinary practice is proudly based on locally sourced ingredients: seasonal fruits and vegetables, wildlife-friendly Ibis rice from farmers in the North, fleshy cashew nuts and meaty coconuts from nearby villages. Then there’s the distinctive favour of Kampot pepper infusing our cuisine with a truly local culinary twist. We’re happy to cater to guests with dietary restrictions and our vegan and vegetarian dishes are some of our tastiest.

When it comes to wiling away your time, Song Saa lets you be as active or as inert as you like. Idle on our pristine sands or take off on a diving adventure. Take a sunset cruise across dazzling seas or explore our rainforest trails and see our native plants and wildlife. At night, enjoy a quiet dinner for two, then retreat to your villa terrace, clinking glasses under the constellations and wondering how you could ever leave…

  • 24 private pool villas
  • restaurant and bars
  • Large infinity pool
  • Spa and wellness sanctuaries
  • Water sports: scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling, speedboat
  • Ecological and cultural programmes
  • Private beach
  • Private mooring available
The use of personal drones at Song Saa Private Island is strictly prohibited.

Cambodia Hotel's Location

Song Saa Private Island is in the Koh Rong Archipelago, Cambodia – a 45-min speedboat ride from Sihanoukville Port

The nearest airport is Sihanoukville international airport (KOS) - a 30 mins drive 

From Siem Reap International airport (REP) to Sihanoukville international airport (KOS) - approx. 45 mins flight 

From Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH) to Sihanoukville international airport (KOS) - approx. 40 mins flight or directly drive approx. 5 hours from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville Port, including a rest break. 

From Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) Bangkok Thailand to Sihanoukville international airport (KOS) - approx. 1h 40mins flight - Starts from 1st July 2019. 

We are also accessible via private helicopter

A. Phnom Penh – Song Saa (one way 1.2 hr.)

B. Siem Reap – Song Saa (one way 1.6 hr.)

C. Pick up point of choice - SSPI

Please contact our reservations team for more information on helicopter transfer.

Boat Schedule 

Boat services are available from 1030 - 1600hrs from Sihanoukville Port. 

From Sihanoukville Port to Song Saa Island:
10:30 (mainland time)
13:30 (mainland time) 
16:30 (mainland time)

Song Saa Island to Sihanoukville Port: 
08:00 (Island time)
10:30 (Island time)
15:30 (Island time)

*Boat schedules are subject to change in line with arrivals and departures, for the latest and finalised boat schedules please connect with our reservations at