One Bed Jungle Villas

Views that stretch for miles...

From $890 Book This Villa   
Nestled in native scrub along the shoreline, our Jungle Villas offer 135 square metres of indulgent open-plan living. You have your own 26-metre private pool and shaded sundeck with a plush canopy daybed. There’s an indulgent outdoor shower, a linen-draped canopy bed, an L-shaped sofa to sink into and views that st... Read More

Ocean View Villas

Sit, breathe and take it all in…

From $1,340 Book This Villa   
Take in luminous views of the sea from your private terrace or even from the comforts of your four-poster bed – you’ve got 200 square metres of oceanfront living all to yourself. Bathe in the sunshine, order room service, press play on your favourite island tunes or just sit, breathe and take it all in… Read More

One Bed Overwater Villas

Plunge into the ocean....

From $1,790 Book This Villa   
Take a peek at Song Saa islands’ natural reef through the portholes of your Overwater Villa. Spend hours gazing out at Koh Rong’s crystalline waters, before cooling off with a dip in the pool. Survey the skies from your sundeck, laze about on your daybed, then plunge into the ocean... Read More

Two Bed Jungle Villas

Breathtaking island and ocean views…

From $2,510 Book This Villa   
Our two-bedroom Jungle Villas are big enough to turn cartwheels in, with more than 300 square metres of luxurious living space. Each comes with a full kitchen complete with a mojito-making station, two bedrooms with king-size canopy beds, a dining area, a lounge area big enough for the whole family and a wide su... Read More

Two Bed Overwater Villas

Endless ocean views.....

From $2,690 Book This Villa   
Endless ocean views, a sunrise you can only dream about, spaces that invite indulgent inactivity – our two-bedroom overwater villas deliver island idyll. Perfect for families, couples and friends travelling together, these spectacular accommodations feature, a private deck with a pool, a fully stocked dr... Read More

Royal Villa

Enjoy the ultimate overwater experience....

From $3,590 Book This Villa   
Enjoy the ultimate overwater experience in this expansive villa, perched in one of the island’s most discreet and stunning locations. Two bedrooms, a breezy terrace, a huge private pool, kitchen, and a spacious dining area ensure indulgent island living. Enjoy absolute off-the-grid seclusion. Read More