at Song Saa


at Song Saa

The Sanctuaries are peaceful places where mind, body and soul are restored to their natural stillness.

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Spa Philosophy

Song Saa Private Island offers an evolved spa concept that integrates the wellbeing journey with the natural environment of the Song Saa islands. Our ‘spa with no walls’ is not your everyday spa centre – it’s actually made up of little ‘sanctuaries’ dotted across the island, where treatments take place nestled in nature.

Our spa philosophy embraces the Buddhist tradition of metta bhavana – the cultivation of loving-kindness. We also believe in the Buddhist practice of respecting all beings and offering blessings to others. For this reason, you’ll see our spa menu is divided into three themes: stillness, healing and blessings.

  • Stillness: The innate tranquillity of Song Saa Private Island can help quiet the mind and help you reclaim your centre.
  • Healing: Restorative treatments are applied with loving-kindness and with awareness of their ability to transform.
  • Blessings: Song Saa islands have graced us with abundant natural blessings, which we are privileged to be able to share with guests.
Song Saa Sanctuaries practitioners include traditional Khmer therapists, internationally trained wellbeing experts, yogis, reiki masters and meditation gurus. Experienced in local rituals and natural ingredients, as well as modern treatments, they are skilled in a wide range of therapies, from the ancient to the innovative. Each visit begins with a private spa consultation session with the Head of Welbeing to devise a tailored programme that comprises spa therapies, nutrition and activities. 

Our spa products are also derived from nature, created with wild local ingredients by Cambodia’s best artisans.

At Song Saa Private Island, our ‘wellness’ offering extends beyond massage and yoga. It’s our opinion that wellbeing is achieved through balance. 

Part of a bespoke wellbeing journey could include activities such as kayaking and hiking, or heading out on the Boat of Hope. We also believe that fun and laughter are integral to wellbeing and that a glass of Champagne at sunset can be as vital to wellness as any spa treatment.   

Spa Retreats


Song Saa Private Islands offer a selection of spa retreats for those seeking a wholly transformative experience. Refresh with a ‘stillness’ themed retreat, rejuvenate with an invigorating, detoxifying retreat inspired by the ‘blessing’ treatments, or revive with a ‘healing’ retreat. Retreats are available for five and seven days – click through for more details and contact us to book your retreat.
Inspired by our ‘stillness’ treatments, the Refresh Retreat lets you escape into the natural world of serenity and calm. Focusing on mental clarity and stress-release, this retreat features luxurious spa treatments in nurturing environments, facilitating profound relaxation.

Consultation with our Sanctuary Manager, karuna kaya massage, manipura massage, personal yoga or meditation session, bio-rhythms, rainforest facial, mani or pedi, stillness bath ritual, nightly turndown bath ritual and daily spa treats from the kitchen.

Add stillness night spa ritual and eye treatment.

This retreat combines nutrition, exercise and indulgent spa treatments to detoxify the body systems, leaving you full of vitality. Inspired by the ‘blessing’ spa treatments, this empowering retreat allows you to recalibrate, setting you on the right path for long-lasting health and happiness.


Consultation with our Sanctuary Manager, a spa menu designed by chef focusing on health and wellbeing, manipura massage, metta massage, ILA experience (scrub, massage, facial), personal yoga or meditation session, stand up paddle board, yoga, Khmer cooking class, Buddhist blessing performed by monks in local pagoda, blessing bath ritual (Grand Cru not included), nightly turndown bath rituals, daily spa treats from the kitchen.


Add a blessing night spa ritual, mani or pedi, Indian head massage, guided hike across Koh Rong and a picnic lunch.

Enjoy treatments from the ‘healing’ menu – rediscover yourself by focusing on inner wellbeing and spiritual balance. This retreat indulges the senses and encourages detachment from the stressors of the outside world.


Consultation with our Sanctuary Manager, Manipura massage, Karuna Kaya massage, personal yoga or meditation, marine flora immersion, Buddhist blessing performed by monks in local pagoda, Khmer poultice massage, marine flora face therapy, healing bath ritual (not including Moët & Chandon), nightly turndown bath ritual, daily spa treats from the kitchen.


Add a healing night spa ritual, mani or pedi and guided hike across Koh Rong.

How To Spa

Our Song Saa Sanctuaries are open daily from 10am to 8pm. For the Night Spa, please book treatments at least one day in advance. 

All Sanctuary experiences must be booked in advance. For a tailored experience, arrange a consultation with our Head of Wellbeing (dial 0 for an appointment).

Bookings must be changed or cancelled 24 hours prior to appointment time. Cancellation/changes made within less than four hours’ notice incur a 50 per cent cancellation fee. The full amount will be charged for a no-show.

For the Night Spa, cancellations/changes should be made at least 10 hours prior to appointment, otherwise, a 50 per cent cancellation fee will apply.


Please inform us of any medical conditions that need to be taken into consideration prior to your treatment. Do you have any skin allergies? Are you pregnant? Any areas you’d that need special attention? Inform your therapist and let us know if you’re suffering any pain or discomfort.


Please let your therapists know if you have any special needs or requests. Our treatment villa has the option of air conditioning or fresh air, soothing music or silence. We provide sarongs, slippers, and toiletries in the private bathroom.

We believe in providing spaces that promote health, well-being, and relaxation. Please refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol within the Sanctuaries. We also caution against alcohol or caffeinated drinks before or immediately after a treatment.


Your skin and its texture reveal a lot about your health and lifestyle. We recommend starting off your holiday with one of our Body Renewal treatments using Himalayan crystal salts – a 60-minute treatment that cleanses both body and mind – and preps you for a stress-free holiday.

The Cambodian sun can be hot and unforgiving. Please protect yourself by applying sunscreen all over your face and body before stepping outdoors.

Song Saa Sanctuaries

Tailor your own rejuvenative journey with a selection of bespoke activities, crafted to your own needs and desires.


Harness the beauty and energy of Cambodia’s gorgeous night sky. Our Night Spa services help align the body to nature's purest cycles with solo and couples treatments available.


Stretch, breathe, balance - yoga helps us recentre ourselves and feel fresh and revitalised. Book a private session for one-on-one yoga at your own pace.


Kick-start a fitness programme with a tailored workout. Our personal trainers will give you advice and motivation as you work up a sweat in paradise.

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